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  Dimensions      Since the closing of the US - Canada border we can only ship from Canada. For US customers the litterboxes can be ordered online from Agrifeed Pet Supplies in Knoxville TN and are at the clinics and stores listed on the stores page.

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I am a breeder. I have LOTS of litter pans. I have used covered pans, other than for kittens learning to use their first litter pan. It is a time consuming daily chore to scoop, clean and disinfect litter pans - 2 piece pans take more than double the time because there are always some that will not fit together quickly. I bought one NVR Miss box a few months ago. I was skeptical. The cats were happy with it and it is very easy to scoop & MUCH faster to clean. I bought another and plan to gradually switch most of my pans to this one. I am looking forward to using it with the next litter of kittens - it will contain the litter much better than my usual low open pans. I always put a soft bath mat (no rubber bottoms to clog the washer) close to the entrance to catch any loose litter on the feet. Thank you for a great product. Karen Clarke Kingston, ON, Canada

Rated by karen clarke

I purchased this litter box out of pure frustration. I breed ragdolls and over a year ago I picked up a beautiful little blue point mitt girl. I was so excited about her. I brought her home and the problem started immediately. I would drive home from work all excited to see my new kitty, and the door.....and poopy paw prints all over the ceramic tile. My cute little kittens feet would be covered in poop! Then the clean up would begin. She didn't like the washing of the feet, and I didn't like the washing of the floor. I went to a show are saw this, the nice people running the booth told me this would stop my problem! I brought it home. The next day I drove home from work and thought about my kitty and her new litter box. Well, I opened the door and much to my delight, there was not one poopy paw print or poopy foot anywhere! I was so happy! We have never had that issue again since changing to this litter box! I love them!!!

Rated by Carolynn Campbell

I purchased this Litter box from The Cat's Closet and received it last week. My two cats took to it right away. I absolutely LOVE IT! THIS IS THE BEST LITTER BOX!!! It is perfect. I love the size not to big and not to small. My 22lb cat can use it just fine. I have two cats and I use two boxes but this is the one they love the best as it has been getting used the most. I love the high sides so the litter stays in the box even if my 14lb cat decides to jump out instead of leaving the box the way he came in. I highly recommend this box.

Rated by Tracey Frelot

I wrote a bad review right after I got my two boxes. My one cat did still pee over the box, and your company did send me two extensions, which were the same boxes except with the bottom cut out. I was to tape one on top of the other, to make it higher. I didn't like that idea at all. After searching more for a higher litter box, with no avail, I decided that I would try putting the extension on top of the box. My husband put the extension down inside the box, about half way, and glued it on with silicone glue. It does work now, it doesn't look very good...but, I have gotten over the looks of it, since I don't have to clean urine up from spill over's anymore. You really should make one about 6" higher though, to beat that 1% of cats that pee over the top.

Rated by Vivian Valley

Not quite tall enough for our cat. We have a male cat that stands completely up when he pees and half goes over the side and onto the wall (we have to hang puppy training pads on the wall and under the litter boxes). We have tried pretty much every commercially produced litter box that we could find and none have been tall enough. I guess we have to modify a plastic storage tote.

Rated by Phillip Shaffer

I bought two of these litters boxes, after going through several other litter boxes that didn't work, and reading all the great reviews on them. I guess my cat is in the 1% that pee over the sides because that's what happened. The company than sent me two other litter boxes with the tops cut off, to turn upside down and glue, tape, or whatever to the tops of existing litter boxes they sold me. It looks ugly, and I might as well have just cut the tops out of the tops of the litter boxes that I already have, it would be the same thing, plus, than it's so tall that it would be hard to scoop litter. If you're going to make a litter box that you think is too high for cats to pee over, than why don't you make it about 15" taller, than you probably won't have that 1% that's peeing over the sides. I now have two more litter boxes to give to someone. Very disappointed :(

Rated by Vivian Valley
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