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ModernCat FaveFind

  Dimensions      For US customers that want fewer than five litterboxes, they can be ordered online from Agrifeed Pet Supplies in Knoxville TN and are at the clinics and stores listed on the stores page.

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Not only is the design great, but the material/plastic is great. VERY easy to clean.

Rated by Linda Crawford

We have 5 cats, so have encountered every type of litter box problem imaginable. We saw the NVR miss litter box at a cat show a couple of months ago and bought one to try. It is an amazing product - does everything it says it will! There is no spraying over the sides, much less litter kicked out, and it's much easier to clean since the surface of the box is so smooth. We immediately ordered 2 more, and now the kitties and their parents are much happier overall! Two thumbs up!

Rated by Catherine Cole

What a great idea for a nesting box for having litters in! Its perfect!!

Rated by Ashley Fleming

I saw these fabulous kitty toilets at the Ottawa Valley Cat Show last weekend - purchased two of them and my 3 cats took to them immediately. While some litter still leaves the box on the bottoms of little feet, there are no more piles of it disappearing over the sides from the ritual "cover-up" process. The smooth sides and bottom make scooping a snap. Contrary to the ads, my large orange tabby still, occasionally, manages to do his business without the expected lengthwise alignment, but the box is still high enough at the "step-in" opening, to keep things where they belong. I would highly recommend this product! Susan Sheffield

Rated by Susan Sheffield

I have a cat who does not squat very much when she pees. She would go inside my old litter box to go but the pee usually didn't stay inside! This box solved that problem. Unfortunately all my cats have figured out to do their business and then step outside the box and reach back inside to bury their treasures so I still do get litter on the floor but I can live with that!

Rated by Lynn Mayne

We have had our 2 NVR Miss litterboxes for just over a year, and are very pleased with them. At the time I purchased them we had two cats; a tiny, frail elderly former feral girl, and a husky young ragdoll boy. Our tiny girl was a standing pottier, dribbling-over-the-side type. The NVR Miss did help quite a bit with her issues, however, since she was so tiny, she did not do the re-aligning maneuver. She just hopped in, did business, hopped out. (nope, no covering! lol). I kept the litter sloped in the box, the way the manufacturer suggests, and it still worked fine. She has since passed away. Our big boy, now he's an Olympic digger!!! He flings the litter all over. We do get a little bit flying out the "front door" but it's not a lot, and I always have a mat in front of the boxes to catch the tracked litter anyway, so it's not a problem to me. He does get in the box and re-align. I love how smooth and lightweight the boxes are, and the streamlined, simple design. I will definitely buy these again when the time comes to replace the ones I have.

Rated by Christine Bruce
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