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NVR Miss worked like a charm. The side opening forces my cat to orient herself along the long end of the box. No more missing! It resolved my cat's lifelong problem within her first use of the box. I am beyond amazed and would highly recommend this product for any cat with elimination issues. I've already recommended it to my local pet store and vet! Thanks, NVR Miss!!!

Rated by Amanda Mita

This product is AWESOME!!! I have 5 cats, of which 2 are large Maine Coons. I have one cat who was constantly overshooting the litter box, even with a higher walled box. I resorted to puppy training pads surrounding the boxes and constant clean-up and floor scrubbing and sanitizing. I purchased NVR Miss boxes a few months ago and true to its name, there has not been one miss! One Maine Coon has always balanced himself on the wall of the litter box - yes, all 4 paws! If the litter in the box was not heavy enough, the box would flip and I would have quite the mess. The NVR Miss box has also eliminated his need to 'balance while going'. One last added benefit - there is a lot less litter clean up around the box. I'm a customer for life!

Rated by Cynthia Jenkins

FINALLY! We have 4 cats and 4 boxes. One of my cats pees over the side of the box now and again and it makes a big mess that I absolutely hate cleaning up. I bought one of the NVR Miss boxes and eventually replaced all 4. After a couple of weeks of use I am happy to report that we haven't had any accidents yet. It even cuts down on the litter around the boxes on the floor... Not totally, but better than the 'standard' boxes. Thank you for making this product!

Rated by Jordynn M. Lucier

Brilliant. This litter box was recommended to me by a friend who rescues cats and she said she only uses this. I have one kitty who likes to pee over the side of the litter box, and I had a baking mat taped to my bathroom wall to prevent the cat pee from seeping under the crown molding. Yah. Also, my old litter box by this point was covered in claw marks, and it was hard to clean. This one has high walls and the dimensions and the lower entrance make my high peeing kitty pee only against the back. She can't get pee over the walls. Success!! I'm been cleaning up pee for 9 years. I'm now done. Booyah! Also, the material is very smooth and doesn't scratch as easily (maybe not at all) as normal litter boxes, so it's easy to clean and keep clean. The cats took to it immediately. Within 30 minutes they had both made their deposits. This is a must have.

Rated by Elena Gerli

These are the BEST DESIGN litter pans ever! The litter stays in the pan and with 5 cats, that's an awesome task. The litter boxes are easy for the cats to use - large enough for multiple cats - and yet they fit in a compact area.

Rated by Jeannie Gilbert

I saw these fabulous kitty toilets at the Ottawa Valley Cat Show last weekend - purchased two of them and my 3 cats took to them immediately. While some litter still leaves the box on the bottoms of little feet, there are no more piles of it disappearing over the sides from the ritual "cover-up" process. The smooth sides and bottom make scooping a snap. Contrary to the ads, my large orange tabby still, occasionally, manages to do his business without the expected lengthwise alignment, but the box is still high enough at the "step-in" opening, to keep things where they belong. I would highly recommend this product! Susan Sheffield

Rated by Susan Sheffield
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