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I ordered one of these litter boxes after reading an article a few months ago on facebook. We have an Orange tabby who makes an Olympic sport out of using the litter box. I didn't want a closed in box because I felt that even though I buy 99% dust free litter, I still didn't want my two boys closed inside with even 1% dust getting into their lungs. I decided to by a litter box with a lid and cut a large whole in the top so it was essentially a high wall litter box with an open top. I was worried though about the fresh cut edges so I would have to blue tape them. The tape woud have to be replaced every 2 weeks after a big wash. As you can imagine this was a bit of a chore and messy. I like to replace litter boxes once or twice a year so this was also not a great option for me considering the effort needed to cut through the hard plastic. Then I purchased a few high wall boxes which seemed to be safer since the top was already open. I had a hard time finding a simple style that worked. Some high walled boxes were too small. Others had fancy edges which made cleaning very difficult. Some had a weird screen inside which was supposed to help with scooping but didn't. Others were just not high enough. I finally went with one that seemed to work okay but I had to remove the screen on the bottom so it was easier to clean, and it left a small 3" wide hole in the back and I would lose a cup of litter each week through the hole. Not economical at all. I was frustrated but just accepted this to be the way it was. Then I found your box and thought I would give it a shot. I LOVE IT! The NVR Miss Litter Box has solved all of my problems! The walls are high enough that even my Olympic Digger can't throw the litter out. The front door is small enough that I don't lose litter and wide enough that my other pleasantly plump kitty can fit in without any problems. There are no fancy curves or indents inside that make me work harder than I need to when it's time to scoop. I can stand & scoop now instead of having to kneel down and get inside a cramped box. It's a breeze to wash & clean, it's perfect! I am ordering another one today for our second litter location. I just had to thank you. Lisa H. Hoboken NJ

Rated by Lisa Hamer

I am a breeder. I have LOTS of litter pans. I have used covered pans, other than for kittens learning to use their first litter pan. It is a time consuming daily chore to scoop, clean and disinfect litter pans - 2 piece pans take more than double the time because there are always some that will not fit together quickly. I bought one NVR Miss box a few months ago. I was skeptical. The cats were happy with it and it is very easy to scoop & MUCH faster to clean. I bought another and plan to gradually switch most of my pans to this one. I am looking forward to using it with the next litter of kittens - it will contain the litter much better than my usual low open pans. I always put a soft bath mat (no rubber bottoms to clog the washer) close to the entrance to catch any loose litter on the feet. Thank you for a great product. Karen Clarke Kingston, ON, Canada

Rated by karen clarke

Not quite tall enough for our cat. We have a male cat that stands completely up when he pees and half goes over the side and onto the wall (we have to hang puppy training pads on the wall and under the litter boxes). We have tried pretty much every commercially produced litter box that we could find and none have been tall enough. I guess we have to modify a plastic storage tote.

Rated by Phillip Shaffer

I bought your NVR miss litterbox about 2 months ago, and quite the opposite, my cat is missing almost every single time she goes to use it. She enters the box, but never fully enters, so her bum stays over the entrance and she ends up peeing just outside the box. Sometimes her business is half-in, half-out. This happens almost EVERY single time she uses the box. In fact, I'm shocked if she actually makes it in the box - I can probably count the number of times that has happened as being about 5 in the 60 days she's been using this (in which she pees about 2-3 times a day). I have tried putting the litter so it is higher at the edges and shallower in the centre, but that did not work, so reverted to putting the litter evenly inside, but that also doesn't work. Please advise. Otherwise you should probably re-name your litterbox.... She is also not a big cat. The style is however, nice. The sides are smooth, and there is also only one direction that she can miss from, so it is somewhat predictable. But given that she ALWAYS misses from that direction, I'm not sure how useful that is.... I wish you had just made the entrance a few inches higher. I'm sorry, I really really wanted this litter box to work.

Rated by Oriana Pollitt

I like the litter box a lot. It is great quality, but it is not tall enough for me. I purchased a NVR Miss Litterbox from a local vet yesterday and my cat still went over the edge of it.

Rated by Shannon Sweatman

The concept is good, but will only work if your cat will turn once in the box. Most of the time my cat goes in the opening and pees over the edge of the entrance. Defeats the purpose of the box. Not worth the price since I had to pay an additional $15, on top of the cost of the box, for shipping.

Rated by Jill DeChenne
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