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For as many litter pans as I have purchased over the years this one is simply the best. Especially for a big, not so graceful boy cat and his tiny, gets litter everywhere sister. I am so glad The Conscious Cat reviewed this product. I would have never have known about it other wise!

Rated by Bethany Rollins

These are the BEST DESIGN litter pans ever! The litter stays in the pan and with 5 cats, that's an awesome task. The litter boxes are easy for the cats to use - large enough for multiple cats - and yet they fit in a compact area.

Rated by Jeannie Gilbert

Honestly, this is a great product! It works as they say it would. I was skeptical at first, but decided to purchase one anyway. I am so glad I did!!! Will definitely be purchasing another! I am a fan. Thanks for the solution! Best Regards, Carolyn

Rated by Carolyn Fariello

I wrote a bad review right after I got my two boxes. My one cat did still pee over the box, and your company did send me two extensions, which were the same boxes except with the bottom cut out. I was to tape one on top of the other, to make it higher. I didn't like that idea at all. After searching more for a higher litter box, with no avail, I decided that I would try putting the extension on top of the box. My husband put the extension down inside the box, about half way, and glued it on with silicone glue. It does work now, it doesn't look very good...but, I have gotten over the looks of it, since I don't have to clean urine up from spill over's anymore. You really should make one about 6" higher though, to beat that 1% of cats that pee over the top.

Rated by Vivian Valley

Not quite tall enough for our cat. We have a male cat that stands completely up when he pees and half goes over the side and onto the wall (we have to hang puppy training pads on the wall and under the litter boxes). We have tried pretty much every commercially produced litter box that we could find and none have been tall enough. I guess we have to modify a plastic storage tote.

Rated by Phillip Shaffer

The concept is good, but will only work if your cat will turn once in the box. Most of the time my cat goes in the opening and pees over the edge of the entrance. Defeats the purpose of the box. Not worth the price since I had to pay an additional $15, on top of the cost of the box, for shipping.

Rated by Jill DeChenne
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