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  Dimensions      For US customers that want fewer than five litterboxes, they can be ordered online from Agrifeed Pet Supplies in Knoxville TN and are at the clinics and stores listed on the stores page.

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For about ten years my Pooh girl (now 19 yrs 3 mos), has had some trouble with her litter boxes (one in the house and one on the enclosed porch) which consisted of urinating right over the sides onto the floor. Because of this, for many years now she has used the high top (with the entry being slightly lower than the back) in the house and the high top corner box (for the porch). Those worked quite well until the last couple of years when she begun entering the boxes and urinating straight through the entry to the floor. To begin with it was every once in awhile; my thoughts were that she was maybe stressed. It wasn't long before I began using puppy pads under both of her boxes, but the episodes became more frequent as time passed and I was using the puppy pads constantly. This became the norm for me and I assumed I would be doing this the rest of her life. Pooh is a tall and long cat and barely "fit" into any of the boxes she has used. About two months ago I saw an ad for this NVR Miss Litterbox. I was a bit hesitant initially as I have used many types of boxes trying to compensate for her issue. I measured to see if the box would fit as I have her "house box" behind the laundry room door under shelving and I did not want the box to hinder the door opening all the way. Her old box had the entry on the end of the box so it never interfered with the door and I did notice that the NVR box had the entry on the long side rather than the end. This meant I would have to turn the box in a manner to hinder the room door opening all the way. Well so much for worrying about the room door - - once the NVR box came and she "learned" that she needed to turn lengh-wise in the box (that took ONLY ONE more accident), it has happened NO more. I still have a puppy pad down, but have not changed it even once because of her urination - not once. I use the pads now just to catch all the litter she tracks out (previously I just swept up the tracked out litter as that has long been an issue with her). And, also because of her age and arthritis, "just in case". The box does hinder the door opening all the way a bit, but that is no longer an issue with me. Isn't is strange how we change our priorities when we so love our pets. I will never change from this box and have now ordered another for the porch. I was skeptical - but now am a believer.

Rated by Mary Anne Goodwin

I LOVE THESE! I have one Ragdoll, one Maine Coon, and three adopted rescues. These litter boxes are all I use. They protect my walls from urine and feces and help my floor have less litter on them. I do not know where I would be without them. My cats love them too. :)

Rated by Liz Fox

After having my first NVR Miss box for a couple of years, I just ordered #2 and #3. Between an elderly female cat with arthritis and a senior male cat with chronic kidney disease, it was important to trade in all of our shallow boxes for ones with high sides that were still easily accessible. The cats seem to like them perfectly well and they've cut down on a lot of floor cleaning already. I highly recommend them!

Rated by Celeste Lindell

We have 11 kitties in our home! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE those litter boxes; but MOST importantly, the kitties LOVE LOVE these litter boxes. They are easily cleaned also! Thank you for designing a great litter box! I like the white ones the best also! :-)

Rated by Jo Marble

LOVE this cat litter pan!!! I bought 2 pans for my 3 cats. Last time I measured one cat at 9 inches high (put a piece of cardboard in a regular pan). Now, with NVR Miss have absolutely no problem. No more "accidents" on my wood laminate floors.....and no more "doggie" pads to deal with. Even my 20+ pounder loves this box.....he's not too big. It is well-worth the price paid. I will NEVER-EVER go back to any other cat litter pan. Thank you NVR Miss : )

Rated by Julia Mohler

Having discovered that one of our kittens (a spayed female) "aims high," I went in search of a litter box with high sides and found the NVR Miss. My order of two boxes arrived quickly; they were a good size, lightweight for emptying and cleaning, and the plastic doesn't seem to absorb odors. That said, little Vivica still managed to occasionally shoot over the top, hitting the wall in our powder room and leaving a puddle on the floor. Thinking that six more inches might help, and hoping against hope the manufacturer might consider making a NVR Miss with even higher sides, I emailed the company. After an almost-immediate response, "wall extensions" for both boxes arrived via priority mail -- very simply, they consist of two more boxes with the bottoms cut out that I Velcro-ed to the inside of the original NVR Miss litter boxes thanks to the manufacturer's instructions. While the reworked boxes may look odd, they do the trick. On her first visit, my little "elevator butt" (she starts low and slowly rises) managed to hit the extended wall about halfway up, but no higher. No more misses, no more piddle puddles. In a nutshell, I've gone from "close, but no cigar," to being a very satisfied customer. My thanks for a good product at a fair price, and for excellent customer service.

Rated by Sandy Levins
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