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LOVE this cat litter pan!!! I bought 2 pans for my 3 cats. Last time I measured one cat at 9 inches high (put a piece of cardboard in a regular pan). Now, with NVR Miss have absolutely no problem. No more "accidents" on my wood laminate floors.....and no more "doggie" pads to deal with. Even my 20+ pounder loves this box.....he's not too big. It is well-worth the price paid. I will NEVER-EVER go back to any other cat litter pan. Thank you NVR Miss : )

Rated by Julia Mohler

Having discovered that one of our kittens (a spayed female) "aims high," I went in search of a litter box with high sides and found the NVR Miss. My order of two boxes arrived quickly; they were a good size, lightweight for emptying and cleaning, and the plastic doesn't seem to absorb odors. That said, little Vivica still managed to occasionally shoot over the top, hitting the wall in our powder room and leaving a puddle on the floor. Thinking that six more inches might help, and hoping against hope the manufacturer might consider making a NVR Miss with even higher sides, I emailed the company. After an almost-immediate response, "wall extensions" for both boxes arrived via priority mail -- very simply, they consist of two more boxes with the bottoms cut out that I Velcro-ed to the inside of the original NVR Miss litter boxes thanks to the manufacturer's instructions. While the reworked boxes may look odd, they do the trick. On her first visit, my little "elevator butt" (she starts low and slowly rises) managed to hit the extended wall about halfway up, but no higher. No more misses, no more piddle puddles. In a nutshell, I've gone from "close, but no cigar," to being a very satisfied customer. My thanks for a good product at a fair price, and for excellent customer service.

Rated by Sandy Levins

We have 4 cats and 3 litter boxes. I ordered 2 NVR Miss boxes because one is in our bedroom and another is in the bathroom, and we have a male kitty with 'elevator butt' while he's peeing. Not only are these boxes high enough that he doesn't pee over the edge of them anymore, it's become obvious that the cats prefer these boxes to the regular short one as I only have to clean the short one about 1/3 as much as the NVR Miss boxes. So I am ordering a third to make a trifecta ;-) If my kitties are happy, then I'm happy!

Rated by Elizabeth Orr

Updating my previous review. I have to say that I absolutely love these boxes. I have now switched out all of my old boxes for the NVR Miss (all white) boxes except for one spot that requires the opening to be on the short end and I may at some point change that one out and just let the cats leap over the side. I have two of the boxes in very odd, confined locations (a cabinet and a triangular shelf) and the boxes actually fit due to their unique curve design on the front edges. The boxes are angled in such a way that the cats can still step through the opening. Previously, I had 2 of those triangle shaped boxes in these locations, but the cats managed to spray over the top of them on a regular basis. On a whim I attempt to put an NVR Miss in these locations and was surprised to discover that it worked. The inventor of the boxes also kindly sent me a couple of "risers" to place inside for a couple of my cats who might spray over the top, but so far even that has not been a problem.

Rated by Molly Barr

I just received the NVR Miss litter Box and it is perfect. My long hind legged Bengal "Azzura" went right in. As I observed she did her usual raising of the butt as she pees, but this time the urine stayed well inside the high walls of this box. Thank you finally for making the perfect litter box for my over achiever.

Rated by Connie DeCiutiis

I've had this litterbox for a week, and it's terrific for my situation. I have to put the litter box for my 3 kitties in my very small bathroom. The flat back fits snugly against the wall, saving space. The high sides and side entrance are totally preventing the "litter flight." Great product!

Rated by Diane Patry
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