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  Dimensions      For US customers that want fewer than five litterboxes, they can be ordered online from Agrifeed Pet Supplies in Knoxville TN and are at the clinics and stores listed on the stores page.

There was always a mess of scattered litter constantly being swept up. It became the normal routine. Sweep up, then scoop the litter box.
Then it happened. A puddle appeared on the floor beside his litter box. To find out why, I started spying on him when he went to his litter box.

Cougar, the little troublemaker

Cougar ,our senior male, was going into the litter box, not squatting and peeing over the rim.

We got him a hooded litter box, thinking it would solve our problem. The first time he used it, he pee'd out the opening he had just jumped through. Sometimes, when going in he would turn around, face the opening and pee on the inside of the hood and then it would dribble out at the joint between the hood and litter box.
At other times he would step into it just far enough so that it stayed in the litter box, but when turning around and getting out, would step into the litter congealed with pee, and track it through the house. We threw the hood away after concluding it made our problem worse.

Depending on how he positioned himself, it was hit or miss, and a constant mess.
Cougar didn't have a "litter box issue". He was going in and using it. We had the "litter box issue" and the available litter boxes do not address our needs.

We needed a litter box with high walls that was easy for Cougar to use. We started modifying his existing litter box with that concept as a guide.

The NVR Miss Litterbox™ features high walls with an opening configured so that the cat steps into the center. During the step in motion, cats will naturally turn left or right and align lengthwise, which results in a high wall surrounding the area where defecation is about to occur. There is also a greatly reduced amount of litter ejected during the burying activity.

Generously radiused corners blend the surfaces together without sharp changes of direction. Smooth surfaces and a flat floor ease the scooping and cleaning chores. Efficiently removing the waste, and keeping the remaining litter clean, contributes to a healthy litter box environment.
The 45 degree angled corners allow it's placement close to an inward opening door, expanding location options. This is an ideal litter box for small apartments, and other situations where space is limited.

These design elements result in a litter box that cats like to use, and is easy to maintain.

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