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I purchased this litter box at the Garden State Cat show in July . I must say that I love it, and my cats love it. Thank you very much for a great product. Love the high sides and opening. Now my cats can dig till the cows come home.

Rated by Debra Pietrowski

I picked up one of these great litterboxes in April 2011. We have a small nervous and energetic cat who is a messy box user. She tosses and scratches litter everywhere! The NVR Miss litterbox has really helped to keep the litter mess to a tolerable level. There is still a tad of litter out of the box but with 90% less litter flying around the room we are able to easily dust bust this litter up. Thank you for designing a sensible and affordable litter box! I LOVE that this box is made in Canada and NOT in China!!

Rated by Pamela Wheelock

I have two adult cats, I purchased two NVR miss litterboxes and they have kept my cats area much tidier! My floors appreciate it, and I'm sure my cats love the added privacy of the high walls. I recommed a purchase (OR TWO) of a NVR miss litterbox before you waste any more money on gimmicks. A simply GREAT idea.

Rated by Amanda Barkley

I recently bought 2 NVR Miss litter boxes. We have 4 cats and litter gravel on the floor around the boxes has been a persistent and annoying problem. The NVR Miss boxes with the high sides has solved our problem. What a marvelous product this is. It makes having 4 cats a delight rather than a maintenance challenge. Thank you for your invention

Rated by Timothy L Croft

I purchased this litter box out of pure frustration. I breed ragdolls and over a year ago I picked up a beautiful little blue point mitt girl. I was so excited about her. I brought her home and the problem started immediately. I would drive home from work all excited to see my new kitty, and the door.....and poopy paw prints all over the ceramic tile. My cute little kittens feet would be covered in poop! Then the clean up would begin. She didn't like the washing of the feet, and I didn't like the washing of the floor. I went to a show are saw this, the nice people running the booth told me this would stop my problem! I brought it home. The next day I drove home from work and thought about my kitty and her new litter box. Well, I opened the door and much to my delight, there was not one poopy paw print or poopy foot anywhere! I was so happy! We have never had that issue again since changing to this litter box! I love them!!!

Rated by Carolynn Campbell

Thank you, thank you, thank you... After trying more than few different types of litter boxes the problem of urine outside the box is no more, gone. My two cats love their new boxes (I have 3 of them). Not only there is no more urine on the floor or trapped between the top/bottom edges of the box, there is less litter gravel deposited in all directions, outside the box. The entrance, being "cat friendly" size guides the animal in and out of the box. Placing a small area rug in front of the box will allow cats to "clean" their feet before they come to sit on your lap. What a smart design!!!! With appreciation, Bo

Rated by Bo Lavrencic
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