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I originally bought two white NVR Miss Litterboxes for upstairs because one of my cats occasionally raises his bum when peeing resulting in the carpet getting soiled. This litterbox design solved the problem. In addition, they are large enough for my Maine Coon and I like the easy-to-clean finish! They are also easy to scoop/keep fresher smelling as there are no grooves in the bottom. All eight of my cats like them. Aside from our bum lifter I like this design overall because unlike our covered box I don't have to lift a lid on/off which saves two steps and unlike our regular style boxes in the basement there is less litter spill to sweep up. I have been slowly adding more of these NVR Miss boxes to our collection as I retire our older boxes and I have been very happy with the quality.

Rated by Tracy Pitre

My cat is an 18+y/o male, and has a difficult time squatting to pee. I bought another so-called "high side" product, but he peed right over the sides and out the entrance. I then discovered the NVR Miss and bought a White one and prayed it would do the job. The NVR Miss is a bit smaller than my cat is accustomed to, and at first he did pee out the entrance...simply because he was not going all the way inside and turning around. It took a while for him to get used to the cramped space and high sides which seemed to bother him, but eventually he learned to turn around to do his thing. My only suggestion would be that there also be offered a slightly larger size, for larger (and maybe "claustrophobic") cats. I am VERY happy and SATISFIED with my NVR Miss, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Rated by Douglas Harding

I bought 2 of the white ones and will be buying more. I breed Persians. My litter box of choice has been a storage box of almost the same dimensions as the NVR Miss Litter box. I love the NVR Miss and think it's the best commercially made box on the market -- and I've looked at them all. It's simplicity is perhaps it's best attribute (or one of them). No gimmicks, just a good quality, easy to care for box with high sides. The slight downward slant in the entry is a nice touch as well. The bottom of the opening is just under 6" from the floor. I'm dropping the overall review down one star to shed a bit of realism here. I didn't see a single review that wasn't 5 stars. Don't get me wrong. It's a 5 star box, but with a couple of caveats. 11.25" high wall will certainly be adequate for most cats, but not all. I have two who can shoot over a 12" wall. The entry is also a little low, but nothing to quibble about. Many of my cats don't use the entry anyway and just leap over the high area, so I'm still sweeping up litter, but this has never bothered me that much. Also the reorientation of the cat due to the door way on the long side doesn't apply to several of my cats who squat right inside the door. One will occasionally shoot out the door. But I can't have everything. Overall it's an excellent litter box and I love the quality of the plastic and the smooth sides. It's very attractive.

Rated by Molly Barr

I recently purchased 3 of these boxes in white and for the most part, I like them (although one of my cats is aiming out the entrance). Be aware, though, that the measurements given on the Product Details page are for the TOP of the box - 21.5 x 15.5 inches. The actual size of the BOTTOM of the box (for the litter) is much smaller - more like 17.5 x 11 inches. Much smaller than what my cats had before (they had a full 21.5 x 15.5). If the manufacturer could make a box where the bottom of the box is actually 21.5 x 15.5 in size, that would be so much better. I see other people have asked for a larger box as well.

Rated by Deborah Stutesman

While I really appreciate the concept of this litter box, it is not foolproof. I was initially thrilled to see this product being offered on line and thought it would solve my problem. But now instead of having to clean up cat pee on the floor almost daily, I have to clean it up 2 to 3 times a week. Was it worth the money? Eh. On the positive side I don't have to clean up as often. But I was REALLY hoping to not have to do it at all!

Rated by Patty Ostrowski

I bought two of these boxes for my cats. The high sides are ideal. However, the opening is very low and both my cats were going over the opening regularly. I am now using strips of 2" blue painters tape on both sides of the openings, seems to do the trick and easy to change if the tape gets soiled. I wish these boxes were made with higher openings, then they would be purrfect. Btw, my cats are seniors and able to jump over the high sides, so the openings being higher would not be a problem for most cats.

Rated by Chris Walker
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