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ModernCat FaveFind

  Dimensions      For US customers that want fewer than five litterboxes, they can be ordered online from Agrifeed Pet Supplies in Knoxville TN and are at the clinics and stores listed on the stores page.

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We have three kittens and they all wanted to be inside this box from the second we put it down; we had to distract them so we could fill it with litter! The cats adore this product and we are now ordering two more so we can switch to a nvr miss only household! Two of our kitties love to play in the litter box and jump in and out tossing their poopy litter everywhere. We were completely at a loss for what to do until we discovered this product. You guys have all but eliminated our tracking problem! this product is also so pretty it almost adds to the rooms aesthetic appeal! Thank you so much for making this life saving product! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Rated by Angelika Burkle

I can not rave about this product enough. We are using it more for the fact that our kitten likes to dig endlessly and then proceeds to cover her business for minutes with no consideration to all the litter flying around the room! We even had the joy of diarrhea with antibiotics getting kicked out of the litter box and up the wall. I was getting so frustrated vacuuming at least three times a day and am so thankful I stumbled upon this product! We have found that we can put a smaller litter box inside the nvr miss or just use nvr miss on its own. Whichever you prefer really. We love the purple color for our little girl and had no issues transitioning her to it which I was a little nervous about! Overall, this product is worth every penny in my opinion and I will recommend it to anyone who seems to be having similar issues!

Rated by Abbi Palmer

I bought 3 because It's a nice box with a few caveats: 1. My cat got better at peeing in the box, but he still manages to poop out of the entrance hole, so it will be hit and miss for some cats. 2. If you use any of the eco-friendly litters like walnut, grass, pine, wheat, or corn, this box will NOT prevent tracking, especially if your cats are diggers. It's no worse than other high-sided boxes, but it's no better either. 3. The plastic is really thin around the rim, so be careful when cleaning it as it is easy to bend and break. My one cat is a litterbox clawing machine, so we shall see how long it takes him to crack the rim. One thing I do like about it is that the entrance is higher than the Nature's Miracle box I was using, and it doesn't have the pee-ramp I hated with that box, which shot my cat's pee all over the place. So that's a plus. Other than that, it's a pretty average litter box. I would like to see it made long ways with the entrance on the short end only because I have one setup that cannot accommodate a side opening, and I like the opening on this box better than the one I am currently using.

Rated by Cheryl Bescript
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